About Us

Amina Kassam-Bunce

Hello my name is Amina, I would like to welcome you to my site which I have created to help you decide the best way to dress your windows. Please feel free to browse through and discover new ideas of how to make the most of your room.

I started making curtains in 1994. I was taught by one of the most reliable sources which was my mother. I have been running my own small business since 2001.  A large amount of my work comes from ‘word of mouth’ which I have been very happy with and would like to thank all my customers for their continued recommendations. 

The pictures that you see on this site are all curtains handmade by myself and are some of my finest jobs. I take great care in making my curtains and like to give each of my clients 100% attention. By listening to my clients needs, together we come to decide which fabric and style will suit their needs best, then with the help of my excellent track fitter we are generally putting the curtains up within a few weeks of receiving the fabric.

I do hope that this site is of help to you.


Contact Us   T. 020 8398 5524           M. 0778 798 5215         E. info@aminadesigns.co.uk